Greg Ganzel

Data Analyst

My professional motto is “show me the data.”

I do what I do because I enjoy working with data and solving problems.

My alma mater is the University of Illinois.

My favorite invention of all time is the internet.

In 2060, technology will be a whole lot better than today – everything will be smaller, faster, more mobile, more customized, and hopefully better integrated.

Life would be a lot simpler if everybody thought before they spoke.

If I were an animal, I would be a bear. Because “Da Bears.”

My hidden talent is poker (don’t tell anyone).

The soundtrack of my life is Green Day’s Dookie.

You’ll never catch me waking up earlier than I have to.

Three things you would be surprised to know about me are:

  1. I got an A+ in figure skating in college.
  2. I play Minecraft with my kids.
  3. I speak three languages.

Sometimes people say I look like I’m ready to party.

My first order of business as a super hero would be learning and mastering my super powers.

I love helping others.
I can’t stand traffic.

The best place on earth is at home or on a beach.

My nerdiest quality is reading about physics and cosmology.

If I had a safety pin, gum and a straw, I could make a catapult to launch the safety pin.

I spend my free time enjoying life with my family.

A random quirk is that I prefer working on my computer in the dark.